Cryptocurrency Introduction
Digital assets
ACE is a high-quality blockchain project of mind sports game, developed by ACE Entertainment registered in Georgia. Its business scope covers nearly 200 countries and regions around the world. By combining server client and blockchain technology, HRNG and iTech complement each other. High-quality game service truly provides users with an open, transparent, convenient and reasonable game environment. ACE platform users can quickly exchange and trade mainstream digital currencies and ACEs anywhere, anytime. As a joint development partner of the ACE project, ME2ON, a Korean listed company, has integrated its own technology and products to support the ACE market. ME2ON now has a strong user base, with a cumulative registered user of 120 million, a daily income of 3 million, and an annual net profit of 400 million RMB. With its 10+ years of operating experience, it has formed a strong brand awareness in the game field, supplemented by The release of more than 200 games of mature product development technology and perfect business operation mode provides one-stop assistance for ACE, ensuring that ACE can also thrive in the blockchain game industry. In addition, ACE has acquired the Malta and Curacao video game licenses using digital currency, and has taken the lead in the mainstream real-world compliance of digital currency game links, creating a fast, efficient, secure and more responsible digital currency service ecosystem.