Cryptocurrency Introduction
Digital assets
ARM is the world's first blockchain security ecosystem token. ARM tokens are mainly used to build the blockchain security ecosystem. Ordinary users hold ARM and can enjoy the benefits of wallet monitoring and alarms; project owners, exchanges and DAPP builders can use ARM to pay for security services; developers and miners are able to acquire ARM by contributing their skills in coding monitor programs and computing power, respectively. The total amount of ARM is capped and no other tokens will ever be created. The Armors Smart Contract Runtime Engine provides developers with an open source library. In terms of system monitoring, Armors owns several international patented technologies. Armors auditing and monitoring systems have served more than 100 project and exchanges, including but not limited to big names such as Huobi, OKEx, Bgogo, Arcblock, Data, MyToken, BitKeep, HyperPay, BBX, UniBank, etc. Since 2018, Armors have recovered more than 8,000 BTC worth of digital asset losses for numerous blockchain projects.