Cryptocurrency Introduction
Digital assets
BCAT is the ERC20 Token of the Internet Business Learning Community [Big Cat Castle] founded by Liu Xin, a well-known serial entrepreneur. It has non-defective modification, tradability and destructibility of blockchain. BCAT is a digital asset based on blockchain technology. It is intended to pragmatically utilize blockchain technology to activate the activity of our Internet ontology services, business growth, community quality, service entity economy, and service startups. BCAT is a typical application of blockchain applications that truly serve the real economy, and it also achieves full legal compliance at the financial level. The total number of BCAT issuance is 1 billion. The issued tokens resolutely put an end to all ico acts, put an end to all fundraising activities, and put an end to speculation. The official distribution form is only for the users who give us the service. For start-ups, the real economy provides the impetus to activate and motivate our startups' business growth, user growth, and community activity.