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BOB(Bob's Repair)
Bob's Repair is bringing trust and fair pricing back to consumers by launching a decentralized marketplace built upon blockchain technology that connects home repair contractors directly to consumers. To solve review fraud, hidden advertising fees, and inflated costs, Bob's Repair is building the BOB Application and spreading the word. To build the BOB Application, Bob's Repair consists of a team of experts in computer programming and blockchain software development. To spread the word, Bob's Repair plans to utilize the 55,000 person customer base from the Skilled Trade Worker Platform that has previously been developed by the founders and operating for 3 years, as well as the company's large social media and cryptocurrency community following. Bob's Repair is confident that awareness will lead to growth and that contractors will respond to the benefits of the platform, such as higher take-home pay and more control of their schedule. Likewise, consumers will flock to the trustworthy reviews, lower prices, and better service. This will result in a thriving decentralized network of contractors and consumers. Bob's Repair is able to provide services to customers and contractors services without advertising fees because it is a decentralized company. Every action performed on the platform, including the use of the escrow service, uses BOB tokens. The more people use BOB tokens the larger the volume of the network is and the less tokens there are available on the market and in the ecosystem for purchase. The BOB Application will have transparent pricing. Each review will provide the cost of the service, broken into the material and labor costs. Consumers will be able to easily search reviews to determine the actual material and labor which are all permanently stored on the Blockchain. Bob's Repair may also routinely acquire tokens directly off the market and burn said tokens to decrease market supply.