Cryptocurrency Introduction
CELR0(Celer Network)
Celer Network is the first off-chain operating network with coherent technology and economic architecture to bring Internet-level scalability to blockchains. Celer Network is horizontally scalable to billions of off-chain transactions per second, trust-free, decentralized and private. It encompasses a layered architecture with significant technical innovations for each layer: a channel construct suite with flexible support for generalized off-chain dApp state transitions beyond simple payments, sidechain-like channels with minimal fund lock up, and more; first-ever provably optimal state routing algorithm with 15X higher transaction throughput than state-of-the-art solutions; an off-chain operating system that drastically simplifies the development and usage of off-chain applications on various platforms. In addition, Celer Network proposes a principled off-chain crypto economics design to balance tradeoffs made to achieve scalability.CELR0 is the simulate tokens of CELR on Dcoin.