Cryptocurrency Introduction
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GOD(Bitcoin God)
Bitcoin god is the charity of the borderless Good system, its purpose is to use decentralized approach to solve the current problems in the centralized charity, bitcoins god as a public traceability tamper-resistant block chain network combined with digital identity system can be clearly traced every donation, bitcoins god cash users can use the way of point to point precisely to help people in need of help. Bitcoin god is a fully decentralized, autonomous community that will decide who will donate and how much. Dug out of COINS every day will be all to charity, about 17 million of them to drop the existing currency account (comparable to the existing number of COINS), another 4 million COINS will be the same speed as the COINS daily pos dug out, the 4 million dollar drop will go to charity, is in need of help people out of their own address, posted on social networking, is determined by the community forward thumb up voting methods such as proportion and drop number.