Cryptocurrency Introduction
Digital assets
LinkBox (LBOX) is an asset management professional integration platform that enables anyone to easily handle cryptocurrency assets by safely managing cryptographic assets and automating asset proliferation. LinkBox makes it easy to move and classify assets, and you can refer to other investors' data to construct an optimal portfolio for each situation. You can also participate in a variety of cryptographic projects through strategic alliances with experts in each field you participate in. The advantages of LinkBox are as follows. Convenience: Get convenient asset management and personalized portfolio services. Airdrop: If the investor locks the Linkbox coin for 14 weeks with lock, you can continue to receive air drops with a variety of new tokens. This makes it easy to grow assets. Reward System: It is possible to select not only one-way air drop but also the project that the participant himself / herself wants to participate by voting. You will receive certain benefits when you are actually selected. Safety: Linkbox uses the latest security technology to help secure mobile Wallets from hacking.