Cryptocurrency Introduction
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Quarkchain is a block chain bottom technology scheme based on Shard technology. With its security, de-centric, high throughput and scalable features, it will achieve trading processing capacity above the 100,000-tier chain per second (100,000+ TPS). Quarkchain's technical core includes: 1. A double-layer chain structure with multiple shards quarkchain consists of a two-tier blockchain structure, the first layer being a shard layer (which can be understood as a sub-chain layer) for trading bookkeeping, and the second layer being a root chain used to confirm transactions in shards. Without affecting the root chain, the number of shards in the Shard layer can be increased dynamically, thus improving the overall throughput of the system. 2. Market-driven collaborative mining provides security in order to ensure the safety of transactions, Quarkchain based on the game theory framework designed a mechanism to motivate miners to work and reasonably allocate the calculation force, of which at least 50% of the full network calculation force will be allocated to the root chain to prevent possible double flowers and malicious mining and other attacks. 3. Anti-centric horizontal node expansion on any blockchain network with high TPS processing power, a super node that holds the entire network of books will be very expensive, which will lead to centrality. To avoid this problem, Quarkchain supports multiple inexpensive nodes to form clusters in a way that implements the functionality of a super node and avoids centrality. 4. Efficient cross-chip trading Quarkchain Network supports cross-shard trading at any time and in any place, and completes transaction confirmation quickly. As the number of shards increases, the trading speed increases linearly. 5. Simple account management in the Quarkchain system, each user uses the entire blockchain network to create only one account. Encrypted assets of users on different shards are stored securely in a smart wallet, and the experience is like trading on a single chain. 6. Turing's complete smart contract platform, Quarkchain, supports Turing's complete smart contracts and uses the Etheric square virtual machine (EVM) to easily migrate the existing EVM Dapp on the etheric square to the Quarkchain platform.