Cryptocurrency Introduction
Digital assets
V-Dimension, or VDS, has been a labor 2 years in the making for the developers, an upfront investment of $20,000,000 USD, and a pinnacle work of revolutionary significance among the blockchain community. VDS is not merely a single project, but an integration of multiple research achievements based on a distributed, private blockchain network. It purports to solve the contradictions and troubles of centralized finance, and even puts forth a decentralized solution for solving our privacy and security issues. VDS has spared no efforts to exert huge changes in identity security, networking freedom, private social networking, decentralized finance/business, and more. Vollar is the name for the basic unit of circulation within the VDS Ecosystem, as well as its only commercial and financial medium of exchange. Vollar, aside from being used to keep track of the system’s account records and make payments, is also used to activate VIDs, bid for VAD network-wide Ad spots, incentivizes the operation of master nodes (which guarantee stability in the network), as well as used to run smart contracts within the system.