Cryptocurrency Introduction
Digital assets
WEARVR is uniquely and advantageously positioned as the only completely independent app store within the virtual and augmented reality ecosystem and community. We have long-standing relationships and a strong reputation with the users (mostly gamers) and developers of VR/AR apps as well as a growing number of VR/AR headset (HMD) manufacturers. These different stakeholder groups are interrelated and face friction and adoption obstacles that can be greatly improved by the integration of both blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, for the benefit of themselves individually as well as the market as a whole. We have a clear vision and a defined plan to leverage our market position to introduce the de-facto cryptocurrency to power the entire ecosystem and utilise blockchain protocols to drive increased usage of VR/AR, create new (and needed) content, reduce copyright theft and super-charge new business models within the markets. For a token to be successful it needs to have participants (people willing to purchase and use it)- we already have deep business relationships with all key stakeholders in the VR/AR market, which will be greatly enhanced by our blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives. We are launching Weave with a clear mission - to create the universal cryptocurrency for VR/AR markets.